Our eyes are very complex yet unique parts of our body. We take them for granted during our everyday activities or lifestyle. Here at Opticare we gathered together some amazing facts about your eyes that we thought you might like to know and will help you appreciate the amazing function of your eyes.

1.Blinking is the fastest muscle reaction, with each blink lasting only 1/10th of a second!
2.Eyes heal extremely quickly. On average it only takes around 48 hours for a scratch on the eye to heal completely!
3.New-born babies can’t actually cry! For the first 4 to 13 weeks a baby can only make the usual crying sounds, then the tears begin to flow after.
4.The average person blinks around 12 times per minute
5.The muscles that control your eyes are the most active in your entire body!
6.80% of visual problems around the world are curable!
7.A fully grown eye is 24mm in size.
8.An eye consists or over 2 million different parts!
9.People who are blind can still see their dreams if they had sight at some point in their life!
10.The cornea is the only tissue in the body that doesn’t receive any blood!
11.Only 1/6 of your eye is exposed at any time
12.Your eyes begging to develop only 2 weeks after being conceived!
13.Your eye can only actually see 3 colours; red, green and blue. All other colours are just a combination of these three!
14.The eye is positioned in the hollow eye socket for protection, while eyelashes keep dirt out of your eyes, and your eyebrows prevent sweat dripping into your eye!
15.It is possible to have 2 different coloured eyes! This is called heterochromia.

Now that you know some amazing facts about your eyes which one is your favourite?
Do these facts make you think differently about your eye health?
Does your lifestyle or the activities you take part in at work or play make you consider how you will take care of your eyes in the future?

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