What is heterochromia?
This is when a person’s eyes are two different colours. There are a couple of different types, complete and partial.

Complete heterochromia is when one iris (the coloured part of the eye) is one colour, and the other eye is a different colour. You may have noticed some celebrities suffering from this, for example have you ever noticed that Mila Kunis has one blue eye and one brown?


Partial heterochromia is when only part of the iris a different colour rather than the whole iris. Elizabeth Berkeley from saved by the bell is a great example of partial.
You can see here that her right is has the partial heterochromia, with the bottom part of her iris being brown, and the rest being green.


What are the causes?
There are a few different cause of, with the most cases being present from birth. If the condition is present from birth, or so very soon after then it is called congenital heterochromia.
If it appears later on in life then it is called acquired heterochromia. Causes of this include:
•    Injury to eye
•    Bleeding in the eye
•    Eye surgery
•    Glaucoma and some of the medications used to treat it
•    Iris ectropion syndrome
•    Benign and malignant tumours of the eye
•    Diabetes mellitus

Most treatments are aimed to sort the underlying cause of the condition rather than the colour issues.
If there are no other issues with the eyes then no treatment is necessary

Have any concerns?
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