Opticare Largs is one of only 140 practices in the United Kingdom, and one of 10 practices in Scotland that is an Essilor Bespoke practice. A Bespoke practice is able to give an enhanced, personalised service to customers by using the latest innovative technology with high digital accuracy. By having exact measurements we are able to offer made-to-measure precision lenses to you based on your exact measurements.

This is particularly important in varifocal lenses where the distance and reading prescriptions are in one lens.
To get the best visual solution for our patients we use the latest digital measuring device – Visioffice 2 which measures patients’ visual behaviour; head tilt, eye location, shape and movement, in order to create personalised lenses for each eye.

This gives a patient a unique ‘eye-code’ – it’s like having a digital thumbprint. We can capture every intricacy of your face and movements, to provide maximum volume of vision. These measurement are then used to create Varilux X4D lenses, which are the latest in varifocal lens technology.

Gone is the compromise between adequate fields of vision and swim, sway effect. This gives seamless vision at close-up, mid or long distance, helping computer users, drivers who use satellite navigation and anyone who has struggled with progressive lenses. They free patients from having to tilt their head or remove glasses in order to see at different distances.

It’s the difference between buying an off the peg suit, and having one tailor-made in Saville row.

Bespoke Lenses, Advanced Eyecare Ayrshire
If you would like more information on the practical benefits of wearing bespoke lenses please feel free to pop in or call our largs practice on 01475 673985

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