When trying contact lenses for the first time, it is extremely important to be aware of all the potential risks which could occur. Below is a list of the top 5 tips, to make sure your first experience with contact lenses is as successful as possible.

1. When purchasing your lenses, make sure that they match the prescription that has been given to you by your optician. Always remember that your prescription for your regular eyeglasses might not be the same as your prescription for your contact lenses.

2. When inserting and removing your lenses, you must be careful to avoid any tears or damage to them. If your lens does get torn or damaged, however, then you must throw it away immediately. If you continue to use the torn lens, then there will be an extreme chance of causing damage to your eye.

3. Contact lenses should never be shared. Lenses are designed specifically for one person and must not be passed around to other people. For example, you wouldn’t let other people use your toothbrush and so, you shouldn’t let other people use your lenses. This is simply to avoid spreading any harmful bacteria and germs from one person’s eye to someone else’s.

4. If you are trying out coloured contact lenses for the first time, however, it is extremely important to make sure that they are made from a well-known or reputable company that is produced by a healthcare manufacturer. This will ensure that your lenses are safe for you to use as they are products of a safe and recommended brand.

5. It’s also extremely important to know that contact lenses can be worn while your sleeping, but only if they are “extended wear” lenses, not regular “daily” ones. If your lenses are not “extended wear” ones, then always make sure to remove them before you go to sleep, as this will prevent any damage to your eyes.

If your eyes or lenses become uncomfortable or if you are having trouble seeing well, the best solution would be for you to remove your lenses and visit the opticians. This way you can explore all the available solutions for your contact lens discomfort.

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