5 Top Tips for Wearing Make Up with Glasses

Spectacles or glasses have a huge impact on your appearance, but don’t hide behind them or let them overshadow your natural beauty. Use these makeup tips to complement your frame choice and enhance your overall image.

1. Get your foundation right

Glasses can throw shadows on your face and around your eyes, so you will want to brighten up the area behind them as much as possible. Use a lighter toned foundation or concealer under your eyes and down your nose which will help highlight your eyes and give you a fresher appearance. You can contour further by adding bronzer around your face and under your cheekbones, but don’t forget to blend with your normal foundation for a flawless effect.

2. Frame with your eyebrows

This comes down to personal preference and your choice of frames. Generally speaking though, don’t go for heavy defined eyebrows if you are choosing a big bold colourful frame as they may compete and be too busy on your face. However, if you are choosing smaller or more delicate, fine frames then full, well defined brows which are fashionable at the moment can help attract attention to your eyes.

Use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to fill in your brows with short light strokes following your natural arch.

3. Eyeshadow

In the past subtle make up was advised, but now it really is down to personal preference. Bold colours go well with bold frames, and up swept eyeliner works well with vintage shaped frames which are in vogue at the moment. Just remember to complement your eyeshadow and frame colour as clashing colours can ruin the look.

4. On The Lips

The same rules apply as without glasses. If you go for bold eye makeup and brows, your better to have a more subtle lippy, but if you are wearing more natural eye makeup, then go bold on the lips.

5. Choose the right Frame and lenses

Frames are a real fashion statement at the moment, from fifties vintage looks to heavy geek chic. Get the right advice from your professional advisor, and don’t forget to have an anti-reflection coating or you won’t see your eyes and make up through all the reflections from your lenses.