We regularly hear from our patients across Ayrshire and Glasgow who are looking to try contact lenses for the first time.
Some are a little apprehensive and have lots of questions to start with and our contact lens specialists are always on hand to answer any questions.
To help dispell some of the myths we thought we would put together some myth busting advice and information about wearing contact lenses.

1.Contact Lenses can get lost behind your eye!
While it is true that a contact lens can shift in the eye, it is very rare for it to move more than a millimetre or so from the cornea. Even if the contact lens does move more than usual, it won’t go behind the eye. If you are concerned that a lens has moved it is a simple case of going to the local opticians to get it checked and removed!

2.Contact lenses are uncomfortable to wear!
This may be true at first for the first minute or so of putting the contact lens in, but once the lens has settled and your eye is used to the lens you can almost forget that the lens is there! If discomfort is experienced at any point during the day, simply applying some contact lens eye drops should relieve any discomfort!
If the lenses being work have been fitted properly by an optician they will be absolutely fine!

3.Contact lenses can get stuck to your eye!
If a contact lens is worn for more than the recommended time, it is true that it can dry out a little and become slightly more difficult to remove, but simple applying contact lens eye drops should make the lens easy to remove again! The lens will not get permanently stuck to your eye.

4.Contact Lenses are hard work to look after!
This isn’t true! With the lenses available today it is as easy as opening the box in the morning, and simply throwing the lenses away at night when you removing the lenses at night! Even with monthly contact lenses all you need to do is empty the cases full of solution in the morning, and put fresh solution in at night to soak and clean the lenses!

5.I won’t ever get them in my eye!
With time and practice it becomes easy to put the lenses in and out! When getting the lenses fitted, your local opticians will spend time teaching you to put the lenses in and out! So don’t worry about not being able to get them in!

6.I’m too old to wear contact lenses!
There is no age limit on lenses! If contact lenses are something that you are interested in then have a chat with your local optician to see if there is a suitable lens available for you!

If you are interested in trying contact lenses , or have any questions about them then feel free to contact one of our contact lens experts here at Opticare Opticians.
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