When it comes to wearing contact lenses, there are (of course) many concerns and worries among individuals about whether lenses are safe enough to wear. However, the amount of benefits to wearing lenses outnumber these concerns for sure.

Having the opportunity to switch it up and wear contact lenses (instead of glasses) especially when going to a formal event or a night out is perfect, as you can wear anything you want and you won’t have to wear glasses that will clash. Or even worse, having to plan an outfit simply based on the colour or shape of your frames.
You can also have a full face of makeup to really make your best features stand out, instead of letting your eyes hide behind those frames.

Another benefit about wearing contact lenses is that they won’t get affected by the weather conditions and unlike glasses, they don’t fog up, especially when it’s cold outside.

Contact lenses can also give you a much bigger and clearer field of view and will remove any vision distortions and obstructions that you may experience with wearing glasses.
With contacts, there is a whole world of style and personality. This is due to the option of coloured contacts. These come in various designs and patterns also, perfect for Halloween or fancy-dress costume parties.
Contact lenses can cause damage to your eyes or can also give you an eye infection. However, this is extremely easy to avoid, you just make sure to buy your contacts with the correct prescription. If you notice any signs of redness, swelling, pain or other discomfort from wearing the lenses, however, then you should remove them immediately. This can be avoided in the first place by simply purchasing contacts with the correct prescription and making sure your contacts are from a reputable company.

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