What is a Chalazion?

A Chalazion is the most commonly found lump on the eye lid, often confused with a Stye.
The literal meaning of Chalazion is hailstone which gives an idea of the size and shape of the Chalazion.

What does it look like?
A Chalazion is a Small, Red bump that appears on your eyelid.


What Causes Them?
A Chalazion is a cluster of abnormal cells at the glands in the eyelid.
It may initially have started as a reaction to the glands being blocked and the oils that usually are secreted build up.

How Do I Avoid Them?
You are able to reduce your chances of getting the infection by keeping dirt away from your eyelids, you can do this by keeping your face and hands clean. Another effective way of avoiding it is by replacing your eye makeup every six months as bacteria can grow in the makeup. Eye baths are easily purchased at your local pharmacy or you can resort to a home remedy which involves putting a small amount of baby shampoo in a bowl and mixing with warm water and wiping the eye with a cotton ball.

If the Chalazion is overly large, uncomfortable, persistent or disturbing to vision, it may be drained and cut out to remove it.
Persistent or reoccurring symptoms may signal underlying problems like Blepharitis, some form of skin condition or sometimes a malignant tumour of the Meibomian glands.

Have any concerns?
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