When choosing new glasses is important that you choose a frame that not only suits you and you like it, it is also important that they fit well and will be comfortable for you to wear.
There are a few key feature to take into account when picking new glasses, which are as follows:

1.    The width of the frame should be very similar to the width of your own face. When trying on frame look in the mirror, if you can see your temples at the side of the frame it means that they are too narrow and over time would leave indentations on the side of your face and also stretch the frame. If they frame stretches past the side of your face they are too wide, which would mean in the long term you would find they slip down a lot and need adjusted a lot more frequently.

2.    For most frame styles, your eyebrows should be on show. If a larger style of frame is desired, at least half of the eyebrows should be on show to balance out the facial features.

3.    When looking in the mirror the pupils should be as close to the centre of the frame as possible and have equal distances between the right and left sides, and also the top and bottom. This ensures that any thickness of the lens is balanced so
Should be less noticeable.

4.    When looking in the mirror, look at the nose area of the frame. If it is a plastic frame, there should not be a gap between the centre of the bridge and your nose. If there is a gap this may become uncomfortable over time and leave red marks on your nose too. The frame should hug your nose right across the bridge to ensure the most comfortable fit.
If there are nose pads they should be sitting at the same angle as your nose, and all points of the pad should be in contact with the nose. Nose pads are easily adjustable if they are not initially sitting correct.

5.    Once you have chosen the glasses you want, the sides should be adjusted. A measurement will be taken from the front of the frame to the top of your ear, and the bend in the side will be moved to bend exactly when the top of your ear is. What this ensures is that the bend in the side will grip behind your ear perfectly. If the bend is too far back the frame will constantly slip down, and if it is too far forward it may be uncomfortable at your ear.

These are the main aspects of a frame to look for when choosing new frames. Other hints a tips for choosing new glasses are:
•    Try on as many frames as possible until you find the one for you
•    Bring a friends or family member with you to give you honest advice
•    Don’t buy a certain style because you think they are in style, buy what suits you
And lastly, the most important thing to consider is the perfect fitting frame.

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