The decision to wear either glasses or contact lenses is a personal preference and is completely up to the individual. However, below are some comparisons between them, to help you choose the right decision based on your lifestyle, budget, convenience and most importantly, your comfort.


1. What to wear…
Having the option to wear contact lenses especially when going to a formal event or a night out is perfect, as you can wear practically anything you want and you won’t have to wear a frame that will clash. Or even worse, having to plan an outfit based on the colour or shape of your frames. However, they can be very fashionable, especially frames from designer brands such as Fendi or Gucci. Wearing glasses helps to show off a part of your personality and also gives you the opportunity to show off your style.

2. What’s the weather like today?
One major bonus of wearing contact lenses is that they do not get affected by the weather conditions and unlike glasses, they do not fog up when it’s cold outside. However, they offer a sense of protection which contact lenses don’t. This is because glasses cover your eyes from all kinds of debris such as dust, which may be flying around due to the wind.

3. Safety first

Contact lenses provide you with a greater field of view and create less vision distortions and obstructions than glasses. However, glasses will dramatically reduce your need to touch your eyes constantly and this will also dramatically reduce any eye infections or irritations in the future.

4. Experimentation

With contacts, there is a whole world of style and personality. This is due to the option of coloured contacts. These come in various designs and patterns also, perfect for Halloween or fancy-dress costume parties. However, glasses also come in many different shapes and colours. This also allows room for experimentation as you don’t need to settle for boring black frames.


Overall, the decision to wear contacts or glasses is most definitely a personal preference. However, you could do both and purchase yourself a pair of trendy glasses, in case you need to stop wearing lenses due to eye irritation or if you simply want to give your eyes a well-earned rest.

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