Deciding to go through with laser eye surgery is a huge decision that needs a lot of thinking about, before any agreement takes place. Contact lenses could be a much better solution for you, as they are much cheaper and there are less chances that something could potentially go wrong.


Laser Eye Surgery vs Contact Lenses


Laser eye surgery has a major risk of vision loss. This means that there’s a possibility that your vision could in fact become a lot worse after going through surgery, even when you are wearing glasses.
There are several reports about Laser eye surgery which show that vision loss is experienced by around 0.4% to 2% of everyone who has undergone the procedure, or also as many people as 1 in 50. There is, however, a risk of sight loss with wearing lenses as well, yet it’s much smaller. Every year about 1 in 16,000 wearers experiences a reduce in their sight, due to complications caused by contact lenses.

It is important to make sure that you are aware of the fact that both contact lenses and laser eye surgery have their risks. Your optician, however, should help to advise you of the level of risk for individuals specifically like you, especially if laser eye surgery is being considered.
The majority of contact lens complications are extremely minor, hardly ever sight-threatening, and can usually be prevented with the correct lens care and correct prescription. Making sure your contact lenses are from a reputable company will also help to reduce the risks of any eye infections or any possible damage to your eyes.

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