Children’s Eyecare

At Opticare Opticians we are experienced in assessing children of all ages, tailoring their eye test uniquely to the individual child. There are many different ways of assessing a child’s vision, so you have no need to worry if they are unable to read or have a poor attention span.

Children can be tested at any age, even as a baby if you have concerns, but definitely from the age of two even if you have no concerns. Their vision develops until around the age of eight, and during these early years it is essential to ensure that all is progressing normally.

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Basic checks are carried out by GP’s, health visitors and school nurses, but we carry out a comprehensive full eye examination with a highly qualified optometrist in our Glasgow and Ayrshire practices.

Children and teenagers in Scotland (up to the age of 19 if in full time education) are entitled to free NHS sight tests and if required are issued with a voucher to cover the cost of basic lenses and a variety frame choices. You are able to top up the voucher cost if you would rather have designer frames.