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Contact Lenses

We provide all types of contact lenses from various lens manufacturers, which allows us the freedom to find the most suitable lens for you. With prescription ranges and materials improving all the time contact lens wearers now have more choice than ever before.

Daily disposable

These contact lenses are worn for a day then thrown away. No solutions are required and they are good for occasional or daily wear.

Monthly /Fortnightly Disposable

These are worn for two weeks or a month then disposed of. They are taken out and stored in solution overnight. These are normally the cheapest lens option.

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Toric Disposable Lenses

These are for patients with astigmatism and are available as daily or monthly disposable options.

Multifocal Disposable Lenses

These are for presbyopic patients who require a separate distance and reading prescription. They are available as daily or monthly disposable options.

Gas Permeable Lenses

These are smaller more rigid lenses than the disposable range. They are more suitable for certain prescriptions, but your optometrist will discuss this fully with you. They are worn and cleaned daily and replaced annually.

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