There are a lot of common myths when it comes to wearing contact lenses. Have you always wanted to try out contact lenses but have been too scared to? “The 5 biggest myths about contact lenses” will prove to you that there is nothing to worry about, when it comes to lenses.



1. “A contact lens will get lost behind my eye.”
This is simply not true (and frankly impossible). This is because there is a thin membrane which is called the “conjunctiva” and this covers the whites of your eyes and also joins onto the inside of your eyelids, which makes it literally impossible for a contact lens to disappear behind your eye.

2. “Contact lenses can get permanently stuck to my eye.”
Although it may be true that soft contact lenses can stick to the surface of your eyes when they dry out. However, if you simply remoisturise the lens (which is achieved by applying contact lens solution) then the lens will most definitely get moving again. So, essentially, there’s nothing to worry about as contact lenses cannot get “permanently” stuck to your eye.

3. “Wearing contact lenses causes eye problems.”
Unfortunately, contact lens wearers do have an increased risk of suffering from certain eye problems. However, this can be simply avoided if you follow your optician’s instructions. If you follow their advice on how to look after your lenses, how long you should wear them for and how often you should change them, then wearing contact lenses is very safe.
4. “I’ll never be able to get them in my eyes.”
This is also very untrue. Inserting contact lenses may seem tricky at first. However, your optician will make sure that you learn how to insert and remove them properly, before letting you go home and try them yourself. Did you know that most people master inserting and removing contact lenses a lot quicker than what they originally expected to?

5. “Contacts can pop out of my eye.”
Many years ago, there were hard contact lenses and these would sometimes pop out of people’s eyes during activities, such as sports. However, today’s contacts are much more wearer friendly and fit much closer to the wearer’s eye. Therefore, it’s a rare occurrence that a contact lens would “pop out” of the wearer’s eye.

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