With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your outfit. From blood red vampire eyes to piercing cat-eyes, what do you want to be this Halloween? Below are some of the best and most terrifying contact lenses to give you some spooky inspiration.


  1. Simple, yet spooky

If you’re not too bothered about going all out this Halloween or simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on a costume to wear for one night, then this look is perfect for you! All-white contact lenses are perfect for creating a shocking and dramatic effect to your eyes. Adding some black eyeshadow around your eyes to create a black smokey eye, will also help to highlight the white contacts.


Contact Lenses


  1. Another amazingly spooky idea is the “reptilian eyes” look. Wearing contacts with bold coloured irises such as yellow or red and a thin slit as the pupil will create the ultimate illusion of snake-like eyes. Not much eye makeup is required with these lenses as the bold colours of the lenses don’t need much help in drawing everyone’s attention to your eyes.

Contact Lenses

  1. Blacked out

Similarly to the all-white contact lenses, all-black contact lenses are seriously spooky and are just as eye-catching and terrifying. Although these lenses are extremely effective and would most definitely turn a few heads on Halloween night we would not advise them unless fitted by an expert.

Contact Lenses

  1. Creepy colours

Even just basic coloured contact lenses would help you look especially creepy this Halloween as bold colours such as orange, green and yellow really help to make your eyes stand out. With creepy characters in hit movies such as “Alice In Wonderland”, they are a lot easier to portray with brightly coloured contacts. The contact lenses in the costume below really contribute to the overall look and make the costume look so much more believable.
Contact Lenses


What’s even scarier than the contacts, however, is the fact that they may scratch your eyes or damage your eyes. However, to easily avoid this from happening, just make sure to buy your contact lenses from an optometrist. If you begin to notice any redness, swelling, pain or other discomfort from wearing the lenses, then you should remove them immediately and make an appointment for a contact lens check.

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