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The first stage of picking the most suitable frame for you is identifying your facial shape. The most common are as follows:

For An Oval Face
The main features of an oval face are balanced features, high cheekbones and the chin will be narrower than the forehead.

For an oval shaped face, the main aspects that would be recommended are bold shapes, brighter colours and a textured frame style. It is also recommended that the frame is a good size that balances the face.

For a square face
The main features of a square face shape is a prominent jawline, angled or sharp features, and a wider forehead.
For a square faceshape rounder or upswept frame style will soften the harsher facial features, thinner or lighter frames will also softed the face and neautral colours will balance the features.

For a round face
A rounder face comprises or full cheeks, a rounded chin and the face will be equal in length and width.
For a round face shape a narrower frame will balance out the fuller cheeks, and a frame with nosepads will ensure that the frame doesn’t rest on the cheeks. A bolder frame is also recommended to balance out the face and the facial features.

For a heart shaped face
A heart shaped face will have a wide forehead with a narrow or slightly pointed chin. The cheekbones will also be high and prominent.

For a heart shape face it is recommended to try a frame that is wider than the forehead to balance the face. If most of the detail of the frame is on the bottom half it will also balance the face. Light colours are also recommended.

For more information on the style of frame that would suit you best call into one of our practices or book an appointment to speak with one of our staff and we can guide you through the best fit for you.

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