Coloured contacts give you the chance to create a whole new you, by changing your eye colour — whether you want to dramatise your everyday look or pull off a seriously spooky costume for Halloween.

What are coloured contact lenses?

Coloured contacts are made to change the coloured part of the eye, called the iris. As this area of the eye is purely a variety of shapes and lines, there are colour contacts which have a series of colourful dots and lines that help the eyes to look more natural. These coloured contacts come in three types of tints:

Visibility tint – usually a light blue or green colour, to help you see it better while putting it in and taking it out, especially if you drop it. Visibility tints are typically light and tend not to alter your eye colour.

Enhancement tint – typically a solid but translucent colour that is a little deeper in colour than a visibility tint. Enhancement tints are meant to enhance the original colour of your eyes. Coloured contacts like these are typically the best option for people who have naturally lightly-coloured eyes and perhaps want to make them more bold and dramatic.

Opaque tint – a non-transparent colour which can change your eye colour dramatically, unlike the other tints above.

What colour of contact lenses are available?

Colour contact lenses which have opaque tints are available in a variety of colours, such as green, blue, brown and grey. Contact lens colours which will suit you best purely depends on your hair colour and skin tone. Also, the look that you want to achieve.

Light eyes – to change your look in a more discreet way, you might decide to go for an enhancement tint, as these are good for defining the iris and deepening the natural colour of your eye.

Dark eyes – transparent coloured tints are the best option for you. However, to achieve a more natural-looking appearance, you could try brown or hazel coloured lenses.

Are coloured lenses safe to use?
Now for the big question. Are coloured contact lenses safe enough to use? The answer is yes. Coloured contact lenses are safe; if your contacts have been prescribed correctly and are used and cared for. It is essential that you go to see your opticians for a proper and professional contact lens fitting. This will guarantee that your coloured contacts are safe and comfortable enough for you to wear.
Just like regular lenses, colour contacts are not dangerous, if you follow your optician’s instructions, specifically on how long you are supposed to wear your contacts and how often you should replace them.
Coloured lenses will only continue to grow in popularity. With the help of your optician, however, you can find the perfect coloured contacts, that are comfortable enough for you to wear and lenses that match your desired appearance.

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