Sun tints, polarised technology and mirrors safeguard your eyes against harmful UVA and UVB rays, bright sunlight and glare, ensuring your eye health and vision is well protected every time you put on sunglasses with Xperio Polarised Lenses. Our extensive range of tint, polarised and mirror colours will let you create the ultimate sun lens with your prescription so you can match them with any frame or style. See clearly in the sun while looking great.
Polarised Sunglass Lenses


Xperio Polarised sun lenses provide the best visual comfort and maximum protection against glare and UV light. Be confident on the road or just look great on the beach. Available in a range of colours and mirror finishes.


Adaptive sun lenses that automatically respond to the intensity of sunlight by adjusting the level of tint for comfortable vision. Available in brown, grey and grey/green.
Polarised Sunglass Lenses

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