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Oakley: The perfect sporting eyewear

Oakley: The perfect sporting eyewear

When you’re aiming for peak performance in your chosen sport, clear and comfortable vision is a must, and Oakley sports sunglasses step up to the challenge. Time-tested world leaders in their field, Oakley crafts top-quality sports eyewear for the active.

See beyond the lines

Oakley’s lens technology, included the patented Prizm, is a game changer. Decades of research has resulted in cutting edge lens design which offers adapted vision for specific sports and all types of weather conditions.

Prizm lenses filter and fine-tune particular wavelengths of light, providing you with varying levels of contrast for the waves, road, earth, or snow – extremely useful in improving overall performance.

Wavelengths and waves

For those who spend time in or on the water, Oakley sunglasses for watersports range are ideal. Two types of lenses are available, one for activities in deeper water and one for shallower water. Oakley’s polarised Deep Water lenses show you more of the reds and greens, allowing you to focus on what’s below the water rather than being lost in a sea of blue.

The polarised Shallow Water lenses are perfect for fishing. They filter light in such a way that allows the white flash of a fish to stand out, keeping you one step ahead.

True sports sunglasses

Oakley’s expertise doesn’t stop at the shoreline. Out on the golf course, Oakley’s sunglasses help to define the terrain and the undulating surfaces, all while providing full UV protection for your eyes. They may just help you knock a few off your handicap!

Oakley’s cycling range provides greater clarity on road surfaces, and for mountain or trail bikers, the reds and browns stand out, allowing you to pick your way down the hill with greater confidence in those split-second decisions.

You’ll often see the iconic Oakley “O” donning the side of top snowboarders’ and skiers’ goggles – and for good reason. Oakley’s lenses have been adapted to pick out the delicate shades of snow, mapping out the moguls in the mountains in front of you.

More than just lenses

Oakley’s cutting-edge lens technology is not the only reason for their continued popularity. They offer an array of frame designs and colour combinations and a host of extras that showcase the brand’s attention to detail.

With nose pads designed for long-lasting comfort and stability, rubberised arms built to grip, ventilation systems to prevent fogging, and durable designs for high velocity and impact, Oakley eyewear lets you keep your head in the game for longer.

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