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How to care for your eyes this spring.

Transitions glasses are a wonderful best-of-both-worlds solution to finding the right eyewear for those days when you’re dealing with varying light conditions.

Transition into spring with Transitions glasses

Transitions glasses are a wonderful best-of-both-worlds solution to finding the right eyewear for those days when you’re dealing with varying light conditions.

These lenses are designed to adapt to light, automatically darkening when it’s bright and quickly fading back to clear when indoors. They’re ideal if you’re moving around in different light conditions, if you’re driving in bright conditions, or for those Scottish summer days when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind! 

In short, Transitions glasses give you convenience and peace of mind. No more taking sunglasses on and off and switching to your glasses everytime you’re faced with bright days or just got into the office.

No more looking for your sunglasses every time you go outside. You can keep the same glasses on all day, every day. Simple and fuss-free. 

Light adaptive glasses technology

Transitions lenses use advanced photochromic technology and provide 100% UV protection in all conditions. When you encounter bright sunlight, trillions of molecules in the lens change shape, causing the lens to darken, and similarly, when you’re inside, the molecules return to their previous shape and the lens becomes clear again. 

Transitions lenses are market-leading and are the result of countless hours of research and development. Their latest Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses move between dark and light faster than ever before, maximising your visual comfort so you can enjoy each day with true clarity. 

Transitions XTRActive – your perfect driving companion

Photochromic lenses in general react to UV light. That’s fine when you’re outdoors, but not so good when you’re driving. Car windscreens block UV light, meaning less advanced photochromic lenses don’t work as well. Transitions XTRActive lenses have been developed to react to both UV light and natural light, meaning car windscreens don’t affect their performance. This makes them the ultimate driving glasses. 

XTRActive lenses are also perfect if you’re into sports. Running, cycling, or skiing in sunny conditions can be unnerving if you’re wearing traditional sunglasses and you suddenly go under tree cover or another type of shade. Dark glasses often mean you can’t see a thing. This isn’t the case with Transitions lenses. Their lightning-fast adaptation means you’ll hardly notice the change in light. 

You can have both form and function

Transitions lenses don’t just perform outstandingly, they look the part too. They come in a range of eye-catching colours, including Amethyst, Amber, Sapphire, and Emerald, as well as mirror tinted options for that ‘no papparrazzi, please!’ look. Whether you’re into your wayfarers, aviators, or cat eye glasses, you can pair these lenses with a frame style of your choice. 

Find Transitions glasses at our opticians in Glasgow & Ayrshire

Come and visit our opticians in Glasgow and Largs and see for yourself. We stock a range of Transitions lenses and the very latest frames to suit your needs. Our friendly teams in Possilpark and Thornliebank, and Largs look forward to helping you pick your perfect pair to enhance your vision and comfort for years to come!