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Transition into Spring with Transition glasses

Spring is the time for blossoming flowers, longer days, and brighter weather. But it’s also the time for red, itchy, and irritated eyes due to those pesky allergies!

How to care for your eyes this spring

Spring is the time for blossoming flowers, longer days, and brighter weather. But it’s also the time for red, itchy, and irritated eyes due to those pesky allergies! If hay fever or spring allergies are getting the best of your eyes, read on to discover our top eye health care tips for the spring and summer seasons.

The importance of looking after your eyes

Your eyes are your windows to the world. Not only do they help you see and safely navigate daily tasks, but they are also often the first indicators of other general health issues, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Our eyes play a big role in our lives, making it crucial to look after our eye health all year round.

Looking after your eyes is more than simply making sure your vision is up to date. Good eyecare can look different from season to season, so it’s important to take an active role in learning how to look after your eyes all year round.

How do spring allergies and hay fever affect your eyes?

Hay fever is triggered by an allergic reaction to pollen. If you suffer from hay fever, you may notice your eyes are sore, watery, itchy and red. In addition to these symptoms, you may also experience sneezing, a runny or blocked nose, and difficulty breathing.

Natural eye care tips to help your eyes this spring

Wear wraparound sunglasses

One of our favourite eye health care tips is wearing sunglasses. It’s a simple way to stop pollen from being blown into your eyes and to also protect your eyes from those UV rays. We recommend wraparound styles as they sit close to the face and offer better protection.

Avoid touching your eyes

Touching your eyes means pollen, dust, or bacteria can easily be transferred to them, which can lead to irritation, so do your best to avoid rubbing your eyes after spending time outside during spring and summer, and if you really have to, make sure you wash and dry your hands thoroughly first.

Wash off the pollen

You’re likely to spend more time outdoors at this time of year. This can cause pollen to get stuck on your hair, skin, and clothing – which again, can irritate your eyes. Washing your eyes, showering, and changing your clothes regularly can help keep spring allergies at bay.

Use eye drops

If your eyes feel dry or irritated, applying eye drops can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms. There are a range of different eye drops available, and not all of them will be suitable for your eyes, so it’s best to reach out to us and one of our helpful team can then guide you in finding the right eye drops for your individual needs and symptoms.

Opt for glasses

Contact lenses can attract dirt and pollen which can exacerbate a bout of hay fever. Wearing glasses not only increases protection from debris in the air, but it also reduces the need to touch your eyes.

Come and visit our Glasgow or Ayrshire opticians

If you have any questions about looking after your eyes or want more advice on spring eye care tips, our expert team is here to help. Get in touch with our opticians in Possilpark, Thornliebank, or Largs to find out more today and keep your eyes happy this spring and summer!